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Hello world!

My name is Oliver Daniel. I'm a software developer and university student, currently based in Toronto, Ontario. I started programming in 2014 and it's quickly become my life passion. My current speciality is full-stack web development, and I also offer services for embedded and distributed systems. I also have a breadth of experience in researching and designing UX/UI for multiple platforms.

After starting out in Computer Science & Linguistics at the University of Toronto, the pandemic led me to discover the Bachelor of Information program offered at the iSchool, from which I intend to graduate in 2023.

I built this website to showcase my projects and skills. If you like what you see, don't hesitate to check out my résumé or get in touch. I would love to explore the next stage of my career with you!


If you're here to review my BI portfolio, you can find it here.

Skills and Services

Full Stack Web and App Development


Frontend Design and Development Skills

Design: Responsive, modern design in Figma

Technologies: React, NextJS, Wordpress...

Mobile: Performant and intuitive mobile apps

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