University of Toronto (expected)

Bachelor's of Information (Hons)

cGPA: 3.95

Formerly: Bachelor's of Science (Hons), Computer Science & Linguistics; Technology Leadership Initiative (TLI) fellow.

Recent Experience

Nuance Communications

Software Developer Intern, Enterprise R&D

('21) Independently designed and developed commands for Mix CLI (oclif + TypeScript + Node), part of Nuance's Natural Language Understanding (NLU) toolkit. Designed and documented common schemas and standards in preparation for open-source contributions.

('20) Developed production-level features on Mix Dashboard, the React-based entrypoint to Mix NLU tools. Major project: automatically loading projects from user's personal collection on login, decreasing TTI by more than 15 seconds on average and reducing network calls by 75%.


Full-Stack Developer Intern

Developed customer-required features on web platform (React + Firebase) on lean startup timelines. Developed and maintained CI/CD pipeline, including multiple staging environments, testing suites, and auto-generated feature preview links. Designed and implemented full-stack architecture for user session authentication, for use in lobby-based party games and video chat.

Tudu Toronto

Software Developer Intern

Built React + Redux frontend for developing Toronto tourism startup. Implemented design documents, and ensured mobile responsiveness, by developing a CSS-based style language. Implemented authentication and permissions in Express + Sequelize backend.


Avion Cargo Polytechnique

Full design and implementation of 100% English/French bilingual team site, attached to headless Netlify CMS instance to populate pages with data for seamless handoff to future non-technical members. Static generation with NextJS. Maintained translation phrasebook and SEO.

Request To Pay


Designed a dashboard, based on the Interac eTransfer API, to follow cash flow between suppliers and customers, as well as a mobile invoicing and payment system. Django + hybrid React. Course project.